Travel to Nesso
Nesso is an Italian town of 1.203 inhabitants in the province of Como in Lombardy and is located on the eastern shore of the Como branch of the homonymous lake. The toponym is Celtic and means “mooring”. While referring to the same Celtic origin, other theories seek the origin in the divinity of Ness, linked […]
Travel to Follonica
Follonica is an Italian town of 21.047 inhabitants in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. It is in the territory of the Grosseto Metalliferous Hills, in the center of the homonymous gulf. The particular mild climate of Follonica, due to its “unique” territorial conformation, invites you to visit the area in all seasons. The area […]
Travel to San Miniato
San Miniato (formerly San Miniato al Tedesco) is an Italian town of 27.997 inhabitants in the province of Pisa in Tuscany. It is an important economic and industrial center of the leather area and is famous for the white truffle. The historic center of the city is located in a strategic position on a hill […]
Trip to Specchia
Specchia is an Italian town of 4.766 inhabitants in the province of Lecce in Puglia, located in the lower Salento, 53 km from the provincial capital. The name of the town derives from the Latin specula, artificially raised place. In fact, it originates from the “specchie”, conical-shaped stone heaps that the Messapi used as a […]
Trip to Subiaco
Subiaco is an Italian town of 8.921 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Roma Capitale in Lazio region. The ancient history of the village of Subiaco still attracts tourists from all over the world. From the many frescoes in the National Library, to the activities on the Aniene River, many are the things to see […]
Trip To Spello
Spello is an Italian medieval village of 8.521 inhabitants. Declared by Cesare “Splendidissima Colonia Iulia”, it is today one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. City of art and flowers, it lies on the offshoots of Mount Subasio between Foligno and Perugia and it will leave you breathless for the richness of its extraordinary […]